Roberto Anichini



Roberto Anichini "Robby" started the company 8 years ago with the hope to become the best chauffeur service company in the area. His dedication and passion for his job and city have lead him to become very popular in the area and to make unforgettable friends and memories. Any client which has had the fortune of having Robby as their driver, has highly recommended his company to friends and family. Many of the clientele which have passed through have kept in touch with Roberto and his family via email and have even had the opportunity to come to Roberto's amazing home for a dinner party. Roberto has learned his English in America and the U.K.

Samuele Anichini



Samuele Anichini "Samuel" is the eldest son of the Anichini family and has a strong drive to succeed in the family business. He started with the company 5 years ago and is a very experienced and fun driver. He is fluent in English and has lived in the United Kingdom as well as Australia. He is a very dedicated surfer and also has a passion for sailing. Samuele gets many requests as a driver because of his sense of humor and down to earth personality.

Tommaso Anichini



Tommaso Anichini "Tommy" is the youngest of the crew. He was very eager to start working with his older brother and father when he started 5 years ago. He loves his job and the people he meets everyday. Tommy has a passion for snowboarding and traveling and has been to many beautiful places. His experience in driving and his knowledge of Florence make him one of the best drivers in the city. People often request him to stay for dinner and invite him to their home abroad because of his genuine and beautiful personality. His ambition to learn languages has lead him to learn English and Spanish on his own.