Booking a car service directly from the service provider instead of using the concierge.

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In Florence many tourists decide to follow the suggestions of the concierge of the hotel they are staying at and book a car service for airport transfers or sightseeing through the reception desk.

There are many car service companies in Florence that work for the hotel concierges but we are not one of them. The reason for our choice is that we don’t understand the need to apply such a high mark up when the concierge resells the car and chauffeur service to their guests. We would understand if they charged just a little commission to repay them for wasting a little of their time and making a few phone calls, but it has happened to us to hear of some outrageous prices, where the concierges pocketed almost or even more than what was paid to the car and chauffeur service suppliers.

When you deal directly with the car and chauffeur service companies you will often get a better price and more flexibility.

InTransfer will be happy to hear your car service requests and help you plan your private transportation in Florence.

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